Adam Dork
Old Podtoid Cast Member / Recorder
Role Cast Member / Recorder
Date Left 27th April 2010
Last episode Podtoid 148: Bob Hoskins is Watching You F*ck

Adam Dork is a former Old Podtoid host, serving as the recorder and occationally serving as the creator of various showpost images.


Adam Doubling Down

For the most part, Adam would stay silent during episodes, only being called upon to vertify if the recording was on or to determine if any background noise was related to him.

Adam and Topher Cantler were part of the project, titled 'Operation Nugget' in which 160 Chicken McNuggets were purchased and put into a Resident Evil steel case owned by Adam, and promptly eaten.

Adam was intergeral to starting the Double Down phenomenon, a feat he accomplished with very little difficulty.

In Podtoid 145: Adam Dork's Nature Show, the crew came up with a show named Adam Dork's "Do You Think This Is Real?" based around nature footage, featuring Adam giving commentary with such riveting lines as 'Duuuude' and 'I want one'.

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