Is one of the biggest projects to be built in minecraft. it is a megacity destined to be completed by the year 2023, currently it is built by its founder "Sibared_AC" this city is going into its second phase of seven t has a lot of skyscrapers, palaces, bridges and many more constructions that began to be created this year

- ° Ciudad Alaryen ° - 4-1000


was founded on January 27, 2017, the first building to be built was the great national palace, the most important building of the city and the nation. its growth has been accelerated because it already has 25 skyscrapers.

- ° Ciudad Alaryen ° - 18-100
2018-03-19 13.38.46

Avenue Real Alaryen

2018-02-11 21.58.52
2018-02-18 15.38.51

Senate of The Nation

2018-03-19 13.30.23

At-Zayer Delumine Hotel