Anthony Burch
Old Podtoid Host
Role Host
Date Joined 27th September 2006
Date Left 27th April 2010
First episode Podtoid 001: Welcome to Podtoid
Last episode Podtoid 148: Bob Hoskins is Watching You F*ck

Anthony Burch was a host of Old Podtoid from its inception in 2006, then the lead host from 2008 until 2010 when he left Destructoid to work for Gearbox Entertainment and write Borderlands 2.

Anthony is the only cast member to have been with the show since Podtoid 001 through to the end of Old Podtoid (although he took a break from the show for around 25 episodes not long after Podtoid 001).

Anthony has since made an appearance on Podtoid as a guest star (Podtoid #200 Retro Gaiden: Assassinate The Key Bears ).

It is no secret that Anthony Burch actually hates videogames. This was a fact unearthed by the rich detective skills of one Chet Chetterson Brad Chet-Nicholson, a man with a sharp eye and pecs to match. When the unstoppable Burch does eventually find a video game he loves, he loves it with so much passion he breaks the barrier unknown to most mere mortals and can both simultaneously hate and loathe it. 

Anthony Burch is also known to have laughed at every tragic scene in a film ever, the more tragic and heartbreaking it is the more hilarious Burch finds it. This fact was brought to light in Podtoid 110: Floppy Bodies where Samit Sarkar recounted the biggest tragedy in his gaming history. This was an utterly jaw dropping and resolve smashing tale about the tenacity and pure EVIL found in the Police AI in GTA3 and how without respite, they drove over Samit's player character, killing him instantly. Burch responded to this incident by waiting about 3-4 seconds to gather his strength to force out the largest soul piercing laugh ever known to human kind. A laugh so diabolical it permeated the minds of the rest of the cast FORCING them to laugh along with him until no tears and humour were left in the system of anybody listening. It was not long after that it was discovered that Burch had done this with The Lion King , Titanic, The Pianist, Schindlers List and many other tragic tales.

Fair enough... I can dig it.