The Podtoid Wiki Podcast Archive Project (also known as The Podtoid Archive) is a project managed by SpAM_CAN. It is an effort to retrieve and create a permanent archive of every Destructoid podcast. It has since branched out to include the podcasts of the hosts and cast of Podtoid that may not be hosted under the Destructoid Umbrella, such as SEGA Addicts and The Electric Hydra.

The archive is not yet completed, and is a work in progress. Currently running shows are updated to between a month and two weeks up to date to avoid leeching ad revenue from the creators of the show. Lost or unrecoverable episodes are often attempted to be found within the community.

Archives are linked from Podcast Show Pages and are represented in the infobox by this icon: Archive Icon

The ArchivesEdit

Main Article: Shows With Archives

To Be ArchivedEdit

(Italic podcasts have missing episodes. Bold is a podcast that is entirely missing)

SEGA AddictsEdit

  • SEGA Addicts
  • SEGA Addicts Kids Table
  • SEGA Addicts Radio Plays


  • The NZ Cast (previously The NG Cast)

The Electric HydraEdit

  • The Electric Hydra
  • The Early Ass Morning Show In The Morning
  • The Electric Hydra Book Club


  • Podtoid-San
  • Japanator AM
  • Japanator Radio


  • Tomocast


  • Flixistentialism
  • Flixist Movie Club
  • The Flixist Show

The Comedy ButtonEdit

  • The Comedy Button

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