Unaired Pilot Art Hawk - Grand Theft Auto is ART

Unaired Pilot Art Hawk - Grand Theft Auto is ART

Art Hawk was an animated show discussing the hidden artistic merits of videogames not normally considered "art" by the less cultivated gamer (Not unlike Vergillio Armandio but not in the form of parody or ridicule). It was created by Jonathan Holmes and Tobbii Karlsson. A pilot episode of the series was put into production in 2012 but never completed.

Show PremiseEdit

The show starred Jonathan Holmes as Artimus Hawkings, a hawk with a beak for Art, a character which had previously appeared in an episode of Talking To Women about Videogames. The pilot episode was centered around the Grand Theft Auto franchise and how the series' gameplay could be used as a metaphor for freedom and living the dream no matter how wrong that dream could be. 

Development HellEdit

According to Tobbii Karlsson, the pilot was never released due to technical issues surrounding the audio production. Specifically, the voice of Artimus was found to be hard to modify, leading to an abandonment of the project.

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