Timotei and Chungus accurately depicted by Podtoid listener BeatBeat.

Jim Sterling and Jonathan Holmes had always shared a dream. A dream of being wandering barbarians looking for an opponent worthy enough to kill them. In episode 223, Sterling decided he'd had enough of modern life(Rocko's Modern Life). He announced that he had given up Destructoid, The Escapist, Gamefront and Konami. He would also be ditching his wife, abandoning his child and selling his house and the best part of this...he's made the descision for Jonathan as well. 

A bit like Looper but with more loincloth. They would purchase all their weapons in a hardware store. Chungus would wield a hedge-trimmer, while Timotei's weapon of choice would be a small hoe (different phrase was used to describe the small hoe). Some would argue the small hoe is the weaker weapon, but Timotei disagrees.

Couldn't find a page for this but there is definitely enough content to fill one. I'm just at a loss with how to structure it.

Chunghusofchungus 02

A depiction of Timotei and Chungus. Frazetta style.

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