Batman Fartin Shitty
Batman: Farting Shitty
is an upcoming videogame by Rocksteady scheduled for release in 2013, written, directed and produced by Jim Sterling and Jonathan Holmes. Based on the popular DC comics series, Batman: Farting Shitty is a psychological thriller, reknowned for its highly graphic fecal content and its faithfulness to its source material.


The opening scene has an Italian-American Batman confronted by his arch-nemesis The Joker, who wishes to "Have a little kiss on your bum, I want to give it a little nuzzle!" before threatening the caped crusader with "Can I shit on you Batman? Can I take a shit right on your face?" and announces his wish to "sniff your ass, Batmaaaan!"

Through unseen means, Batman escapes from the Joker, only to be attacked by poisonous "fear" gas. Batman then hallucinates giant buttocks surrounding him, whilst being tormented by the Scarecrow from afar, who taunts him with "There are so many asses Batman... so many asses. Are you afraid of the asses Batman? They're farting on you!"

Batman panics, complaining of now smelling of farts, before staggering further into Farting Shitty. Here, he runs into Hugo Strange, who confronts Batman with his "strange Hugo Ass" before defecating directly onto Batman, who cries out about the "Old mans poo" being "so bad", and questions "Why is this poo so bad?". He then falls through a window, only to be immediatley confronted by the Riddler.

"Riddle me this Batman! What's brown and comes out of an ass? Riddle me this... more like, piddle my piss!" - The Riddler, Batman: Farting Shitty

The Riddler then takes out his question mark-shaped genitalia, and urinates directly onto Jonathan Batman, who then falls off the side of the building, only to land in a pile of further excrement.

The final boss of the game is Bane, who says "They call me Bane because I poo". He then proceeds to defecate himself, at which point Batman comments that this attack was originally thought to not be as powerful as the more direct tactics employed by previous bosses, but the sheer stench of the poo renders them weak in comparison. Bane agrees, and the credits roll.


It was also suggested that Jim Sterling would play everyone.


Lead designer Jim Sterling later attributed the design, production and release of the game to his 'having gone a little peculiar' but was praised and reassured throughout by colleague Jonathan Holmes.


Batman: Farting Shitty currently holds a Metacritic rating of 97 with the consensus that the game was "Too loud, too much and too fecal". When Conrad Zimmerman returned to the podcast and was presented with the name of the game, he stated that he understood it exactly.

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