Lost Odyssey Ghost Train DX
Podtoid episode 003
BPE Episode Header 003
Release date 08 December 2010
Running time 90 minutes
Featuring Chad Concelmo
Colette Bennett
Stella Wong
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Best.Podcast.EVER! 003: Lost Odyssey Ghost Train DX is a Best.Podcast.EVER! episode released on 2010-12-08.

It was hosted by Chad Concelmo, Colette Bennett and Stella Wong

Official DescriptionEdit

I am going to shout out some words. If they interest you, you might want to listen to the new episode of Best.Podcast.EVER!

Here we go:

  • Christina Aguilera!
  • Pac-Man!
  • DX!
  • Ghost Train!
  • Catherine!
  • Disney!
  • Back fap!
  • Lost Odyssey!
  • Ayla! -Celes!
  • BOO!
  • Corn! Corn! Corn!
  • Link to the Past!

If any of those words excite you, click here to download episode #3 of Best.Podcast.EVER! You won't be disappointed.

Actually, you will be if you hate Lost Odyssey. If you hate Lost Odyssey you will definitely be disappointed.

Enjoy! KAIM 4 LIFE! <3!

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