Happy Valentine's Day!
Podtoid episode 004
BPE Episode Header 004
Release date 11 February 2011
Running time 70 minutes
Featuring Chad Concelmo
Colette Bennett
Stella Wong
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Best.Podcast.EVER! 004: Happy Valentine's Day! is a Best.Podcast.EVER! episode released on 2011-02-11. It was the final episode of the extremely short-lived show.

It was hosted by Chad Concelmo, Colette Bennett and Stella Wong

Official DescriptionEdit

This was a rather strange episode of Best.Podcast.EVER!

What was planned to be a Valentine's Day episode full of love and romance turned into an odd collection of tinny sound problems, weird pacing, and some rather salty language (Stella screams "Bitch!")!

But it was still a rollicking (if slightly disjointed) good time!

Some highlights:

  • The Puppy Bowl: More bunnies, less chickens
  • R.I.P. Hudson and Guitar Hero
  • We <3 Atlus
  • MAGFest is masturbatory
  • "Everyone's got AIDS and shit!"
  • The greatest Laguna fan art you will ever see
  • Tifa > Aeris
  • The strange relationships of Peach & Mario and Zelda & Link
  • Gay romances in gaming
  • You can download the show here.

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