Bram Helsing

Poster for the prequel-movie starring Jim Sterling by Tobbii Karlsson

Bram Helsing
and Chicken Chungus were the identities held by Jim Sterling and Jonathan Holmes when they were hunting Vampires. This information was revealed during Podtoid 205: Chicken Chungus Vampire Sex Surprise.

Brahm HelsingEdit

Jim Sterling's vampire hunter alias. He sports a black woolen trench coat and brown fedora while out tracking down and taking out vampires. He is able to leap down from heights of up to twenty feet and has moderate strength when punching vampires. His arsenal includes wooden stakes and Chicken Chungus himself wielded as a battering ram which he runs through vampires. 

Chicken ChungusEdit

Jonathan Holmes' vampire hunting alias. He wears a full plastic Boba Fett costume without the mask, a paper Christmas cracker hat with divine holy properties and a neon bubble pipe. Using his abilities in concealment, Chicken Chugus is able to blend in with the crowd and lure vampires towards himself. At that point, the vampire is killed by either Brahm Helsing's stake or Chicken Chungus' head.


Vampires are described by Jonathan as being young shirtless men who are horny most of the time. The locations in which they can usually be found are discrete night clubs and dark alleys although they have been known to mingle with other human gatherings.

Extermination processEdit

Luring: Using Chicken Chungus to lure vampires away from the crowd, Brahm Helsing uses this opportunity to jump down from an elevated area behind the target where he then knocks him down and stakes him through the heart.

Direct Contact: In direct contact with a vampire, Brahm Helsing will pick up his partner and run him through the vampire by his head. Due to the divine properties of Chicken Chungus' Christmas cracker hat, he goes straight through them.

Temptation: Through an unspecified town, (presumably Boston) fliers have been set up that read "Chicken Chungus: Call for a good sex time! (Tell him you're a vampire.) These are made to trick vampires into thinking being ambushed by Chicken Chungus and Brahm Helsing. The vampire is then destroyed through sexual intercourse performed by Chicken Chungus while Brahm Helsing pockets the cash.

Catch phrasesEdit

"Looks like you've staked today!" -Brahm Helsing

"That's another one for the coffin of being a dead vampire!" -Chicken Chungus

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