A word which means anything and everything. It is a word most commonly used by our holy father Jim Sterling in lots of different contexts.

According to Holmes it means chunky anus. Second amendment.

Possible meaning Jonathan: "What's the chungus?" Jim: "The guy who cooks the food"

A chunghole  is the absence of chung, of course.

According to the Episode 19 of the Dismal Jesters, chungus smells like "moisturiser wrapped around some old oranges"

Possible Plural ConjugationsEdit

  1. Chunguses
  2. Chungi
  3. Chungs
  4. Chungus
  5. Chungae

Appearances ElsewhereEdit

  • "Chungus" is used as an insult in an episode of LoadingReadyRun, which appears on the site that once hosted The Jimquisition.
  • A group of Shattered got Adam Sessler to say "chungus" at a panel at the 2013 ScrewAttack Gaming Convention.