Moriarty being obviously criminal.

Colin Moriarty is IGN's Playstation Editor and the self confessed "Napoleon of Crime". As of March 2013, Moriarty is yet to actually commit any serious crimes.

Early CareerEdit

It has been stated by Jim Sterling that Colin Moriarty is someone with whom he gets on with very well, despite glaring differences between the two bloggers/journalists. Moriarty demonstrates an interest in sports (being a New York Jets fan) and has shown support for the USA Republican Party.

His criminal career began upon learning from Sterling that Detective Jonathan Holmes "had a knife" and was "going to kill him". He has been quoted as saying "Fuck, his name is Holmes, mine is Moriarty, I'd better get busy being the Napoleon of fucking crime!"

It was previously suspected that he may have had a hand in the Black Dahlia murder mystery, but it was later revelead that this was instead perpetrated by Steve Buscemi. Colin Moriarty remains at liberty.

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