Cookies going in the oven is a religion/safe phrase introduced by Jonathan Holmes in Podtoid 270.

Jonathan, being a usual victim of Jim 's harassments and questionable ideas, has came up with a phrase that he says when he feels that "Jim and Conrad went too far". After that, Jonathan keeps silent until Jim says "Cookie, suds me up with soap and foam!" 

The processEdit

  1. Jonathan feels too upset and/or harassed.
  2. Jonathan says "Cookies going in the oven" and then remains silent.
  3. Jim and Conrad start talking about videogames.
  4. After a while Jim feels guilty and wants Jonathan to speak again.
  5. Jim says "Cookie, suds me up with soap and foam!"
  6. (optional) Jonathan feels touched and holds over the mercy process, making Jim saying "DO. THE BIT" menacingly.
  7. Jonathan replies with "Anything for you. my dear child." Then he makes squishy noises, imitating sounds of one being soaped.
  8. Jonathan proceeds with "Your body and your soul have been cleansed and been cleaned, child."
  9. The Podtoid gets back on tracks, bringing the usual filth.

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