Rescue The Landlord's Blood-Footed Cat
Podtoid episode 281
Podtoid 281 header
Release date 04 February 2014
Running time 66 minutes
Featuring Conrad Zimmerman
Jonathan Holmes
Caitlin Cooke
Andy Dixon
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Podtoid 280: Makin' Love With Mr. Andy Dixon

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Podtoid 282: Don't do your parents' drugs

Podtoid 281: Rescue The Landlord's Blood-Footed Cat is a Podtoid episode released on 2014-02-04.

It was hosted by Conrad Zimmerman, Jonathan Holmes, Caitlin Cooke, and Andy Dixon.

Official DescriptionEdit

This week on Podtoid, Jonathan Holmes, Conrad Zimmerman, Andy Dixon, and Caitlin Cooke discuss their latest gaming experiences, including Conrad playing Awesomenauts, Caitlin's obsession with The Price Is Right, Andy Dixon's daughter's shocking rudeness, and Jonathan Holmes' landlord's dying cat, and of course, dog maulings. Unfortunately, Max Scoville is MIA after heading south of the border to flee overdue child support payments.

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