Don't do your parents' drugs
Podtoid episode 282
Podtoid 282 header
Release date 10 February 2014
Running time 63 minutes
Season: 9
Featuring Max Scoville
Conrad Zimmerman
Andy Dixon
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Podtoid 281: Rescue The Landlord's Blood-Footed Cat

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Podtoid 283: Maxine Legroom & 'A.F.' Massages

Podtoid 282: Don't do your parents' drugs is a New Podtoid episode released on 2014-02-10.

it was hosted by Max Scoville, Conrad Zimmerman and Andy Dixon.

Official DescriptionEdit

This week on Podtoid, Max Scoville, Conrad Zimmerman, and Andy Dixon warn about the dangers of consuming prescription drugs intended for your parents. Plus, talk about the reaction to King's unsavory trademark actions, Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight jam, and Jazzpunk.

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