Life and WorkEdit

Everett Fortner grew up in the harsh suburbs of southern Virginia. Life was difficult, as he was, and is, a privileged white-boy. He is a scary person, but generally tries to be a nice guy, unless he's a asshat. He is a fan of the bizzare, and a loyal follower of New Podtoid  Most infamously, Everett began 
Sassy boy

A self-portrait of Everett Fortner.

a series of horrifying photoshops based on the ideas described on Podtoid. These would later be title, with unbelievable originality, the Podtoid Photoshops. Everett is currently a host of the Shattered Podcast, upon which he is known as a "loose cannon." Be watchful of him, for he is the #1 Sassy Boy. 

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