Gearboxed is the hip-new phrase everyone is talking about. It refers to something that is hyped up with promises from the company, only to discover upon release that you have been sold on a lie, and the final product is nothing like advertised. Gearboxing is most often associated with broken promises and dreams.

It was coined by Jim Sterling after the utter dissapointment that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, and has been used in articles and conversations about the possibility of Sony 'gearboxing' us with the PS4. It was first used on Podtoid in Podtoid 241: Man-Pig Milk .

Similar PhrasesEdit

  • Molyneuxed - When you promise lots, disappointing your audience, then apologize and say that it won't happen again with the sequel (it then proceeds to happen again with the sequel)
  • David Caged - When you measure emotion in number of polygons
  • Jon Blown - When you snicker at having seen something be done before be done again
  • Pitchforded - Telling everyone you've got it figured until push-comes-to-shove and it turns out you don't

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