Possible "Grote" coin, the coin has a face based on Jonathan Holmes. Rendition by Tobbii Karlsson.

are a currency used in the world of New Podtoid.

It was first mentioned by Jim Sterling on Podtoid 224 when offering to pay 20 Groats to Jonathan Holmes for him to shit in a can of Monster Energy.

Groats are famously used as the currency in Game Of Thrones, though Trent Reznor just heard that from the internet somewhere.


Boston's favorite son, Jonathan Holmes, invented light in 1984, when it once became too dark for The Human League to finish their musical set. The Human League were incredibly grateful and paid Jonathan Holmes 55 groats for his trouble (a lot of money back in the day, that would be worth 67 groats today). 

The currency is most likley a reference to the traditional name for the long-defunct English silver coin, initially worth four pence with later issues being valued at twenty pence. The groat was first minted under King Edward I after the French silver coin had throughly circulated England.

300px-Groat of Edward I 4 pences

Groat. 1272-1307

Original ExchangeEdit

"I'll pay you, you can have 20 Groats!" - Jim

"Groat? What's a Groat" - Holmes

"It's money, don't worry about it." - Jim

Current ValueEdit

10 groats is currently worth at least $1.

The Currency's FluctuationEdit

Since 1984, groats have experienced a 21.82% inflation.

The dollar, as a frame of reference, has had an annual inflation rate of 2.90% since 1984, meaning $1.00 in 1984 had the same buying power as $2.23 in 2012 (thanks, Obama...).

Groats have, therefore, been seen as a more stable and viable currency.

The value of the Groat fluctuates daily. It's value is most easily monitored with the iGroat app.

Other Forms of CurrencyEdit

  • Pogs
  • Tubes of Pringles
  • An Hundred Pounds
  • A Shiny Shilling
  • Drugs

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