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Hamza doing his Hamza thing

Hamza is brown, wears a vest and has cool hair. He first appeared on Podtoid 198. Hamza was intended to be a rotating co-host, but felt his limp performance wouldn't please Podtoid fans and left the cast a few months later, with Jim remarking that he felt like a 5th wheel, much like Meg Griffin of Family Guy 'fame'.

Despite a somewhat cool reception, Hamza Aziz was immortalised in Podtoid/Buffy canon after commisioning the erection of the Minecraft temple to Jonathan Holmes' Anus.

During the run of Old Podtoid he was barred from ever appearing on Podtoid again due to making 9/11 jokes and bullying Samit while extremely drunk.  However, as those are two of Jim's favorite things, when he took control he was glad to have Hamza back.

Potential abuseEdit

In Podtoid 233: Anal Siege 2 - Analectric Boogalanal it is mentioned that Conrad Zimmerman may have "took him out into an alley and put a knife to his throat and demanded that he leave the podcast" so he could feed off of the Podtoid experience instead, thus explaining Hamza's absence from the podcast.


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