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Lady French Fry

Lady French Fry is one of the many characters portrayed by Jim Sterling on Podtoid. This anthropomorphic french fry cup is married to Max Scoville's character of King Hamburglar. Lady French Fry has a tendency to act overdramatically, but is ultimately subserviant to her husband, the king. Lady French Fry has two children with the king, known only as the "Chicken Nugget Children." 

There is speculation as to whether or not domestic abuse occurs in the household, as King Hamburglar has often yelled at his wife, struck her, and called her "ignorant." Lady French Fry has been known to follow all of the king's orders, including hosing down the Chicken Nugget Children with Thousand Island Dressing, doing so with utmost loyalty and unwaivering commitment, stating, "Yes, sir, King! I will do this!"

Calling Burgers

Calling Burgers