Times When New Podtoid Was LateEdit

  • Podtoid 257 (June 13th) was delayed one week due to E3.                                                                           Released June 19th

Activities To Help Combat Podtoid WithdrawalEdit

  1. Masturbate furiously 
  2. Browse the glorious Podtoid Wiki
  3. Photoshop Jonathan Holmes onto things
  4. Masturbate while crying over pictures of Screaming Bacon Holmes
  5. Listen to old episodes on the Archives
  6. Visit Jim's facebook to ask: When's Podtoid? (Editor: Please don't do this. Jim is getting pissed off with it.)
  7. Make finger puppets and have your own Podtoid that'll have cake and rainbows and everything and they won't be invited
  8. Masturbate and contract leprocy
  9. Photoshop Jim and Jonathan Holmes together as one
  10. Talk to others suffering from Podtoid withdrawal
  11. Rob a bank and run away with "an hundred pounds"
  12. Hold kittens hostage for "an hundred pounds"
  13. Masturbate to war crimes

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