Strong Holmes

Jonathan Holmes Ever Stretching Chungus

Hours before episode 202: Your Humble Anal Caretaker was recorded, a music video was posted on youtube, featuring a Minecraft statue of Jonathan Holmes stretching his anus to the M.A.S.K theme tune, the extended version, with the guitar solo. It was later featured on Destructoid's main page and talked about extensively on Podtoid 202. It sparked a conversation about Jim making Holmes poop whenever he wants and the responsibilities that come with it.

The statue was filmed and constructed by someone who was mentioned by real name in the Destructoid post  and episode 202, thus fucking up any chance of employment he might have ever had, unless employers suddenly stop googling their applicants.


It was commissioned by Hamza on episode 201: I Don't Want To Mutilate, where he said "Someone should make a Minecraft statue of Holmes getting worms up his ass!". The worms part was scrapped, as Minecraft has nothing worm-like in it.

The project took 3 days to execute; the statue was constructed over the course of two days and filmed on the third.

It was filmed using Cam Studio and edited with Windows Movie Maker.

The video was removed from Youtube for "sexual content" just hours into it's existence. The file was quickly sent to Jim Sterling, who uploated it to Dtoid's video player later that day.

On episode 203, Hamza told Holmes to print the statue on a shirt and wear them at conventions, so people know who he is.

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  • The music was originally going to be the theme tune to Skeleton Warriors, but it was too short and the M.A.S.K. theme song was chosen instead.


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