Mirian De Ponsunlorde and Giles De Ponsunlorde (of the New England De Ponsunlordes) were two hosts of Ye Olde Podtoid (before Old Podtoid) over 150 years ago, according to Podtoid historian Jim Sterling. Since their tenure, they continue to haunt New Podtoid, with some theorising that the Ghost of Commodore 64 is a new form that the couple are taking. They were introduced on Podtoid 225.

Mirian De Ponsunlorde would pretened to be the brother of Giles De Ponsunlorde within all promotional materials, in order to not alienate the highly misogynistic Ye Olde Podtoid audience of 1862. In reality, Mirian was the wife of Giles De Ponsunlorde.


Whilst recording "Ye Olde Podtoid 225: Double-De Ponsumlorde Sensibileness and General Good Behaviour" in 1862, their version of Ye Olde Skype suddenly crashed. Similar to the way that users within The Matrix die when disconnected, Mirian and Giles were immediately killed.

Since that ill-fated day, the couple has become a double-ghost that haunts Podtoid. Every time a listener downloads a new episode, they are "hearing a ghost". They have taken up residence on Jonathan Holmes' lap, and will, unbeknownst to Holmes, molest him.

Jim insisted that the double-ghost be exorcised immediately by himself, a licensed exorcist, and Jonathan Holmes, a fully ordained Archbishop of Canterbury. When Holmes discovered that the exorcism involved getting his penis out and doing a sex with the double-ghost for Jim and Conrad Zimmerman to hear, he refused, cocking the whole thing up.

It is not currently known if Jim and Jonathan later completed the exorcism off-air.

Common PhrasesEdit

  • "Oooooooooooooh"
  • "Whooooooooooh"
  • "Ooooooooooh"
  • "Whoooooooh"
  • "Oooooooooooooooooh... Jooonathan Hooooolmes... GET YOUR PENIS OUT!"

It is said that they both speak together, especially when requesting Holmes expose his genitalia for them.

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