In a single week, the Podtoid Audience has managed to find every single missing episode of Podtoid, Bit Transmission, Best.Podcast.EVER!, BritToid and The Podcastle . You guys are amazing for your dedication and ability to hoard low-quality MP3s from 2006.

However, we still aren't done. Not satisfied with archiving every Destructoid podcast, we've decided to begin archiving the various related shows and projects produced over the years.

So this means that soon we will be asking for (and will begin properly covering) The Electric Hydra, Destructoid Christmas Albums, and more. As an aside, we aren't sure whether to cover Sega Addicts or not (it started out with Topher and Jim, but they ended up leaving later on). There is a poll below, it'll be up to you if we do or not (at least, for the moment).

When we begin this, we'll put out a call for the few episodes that will inevitably be missing, but for now we have our hands full uploading the shows we already have.

Thanks, and keep thinking wrong.


PS: for those who are curious, we will be adding new episodes to the archives once they are produced with a two to four week delay. The reason for this is to avoid leeching ad-revenue from Destructoid, since it'll have the most page-views within the first week.

Should we cover Sega Addicts?

The poll was created at 18:42 on April 24, 2013, and so far 40 people voted.

The ArchivesEdit

Podtoid - RetroforceGO! - The Podcastle - Bit Transmission - Best.Podcast.EVER! - Sup, Holmes? - BritToid - Communitoid - The Electric Hydra - The Early Ass Morning Show In The Morning - The Electric Hydra Book Club - HAWPcast


Old Podtoid Recovered! Thanks to Bob Muir for digging these out for us.

Best.Podcast.EVER! - Recovered episodes 1 and 2 from Whidmark. Episodes 3 and 4 recovered from Mark Griffiths.

BritToid - Episodes recovered thanks to Panzadolphin56, Adam Andrews and Mark Griffiths.

BitTransmission - All episodes recovered from Mark Griffiths and Bob Muir. Thanks!

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