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Podtoid Remixes (also known as Techno Remixes) are fan-made music pieces created by Podtoid fans. Remixes often take notable quotes from the show and add a musical tone, often turning the normal talking tone of the hosts into a singing voice.

Want remixes from New Podtoid? Go here you great chungus!.

List of Old Podtoid RemixesEdit

Name Creator Description Length Link
Bisontoid Unknown Using material entirely from the Podtoid movie commentary of Street Fighter: The Movie, Podtoid 95: Bisontoid. This remix starts with the crew doing Street Fighter attacks but mostly focuses on the crew's imitations of Jean-Claude Van Damme as Guile and Zangief. 03:46 MP3 - [1]
Robo-Samit Does NOT Give A Shit Lemon Of Pink Based upon the time when Samit's Skype connection decided it wanted to turn him into a robot, thus he escaped to his haunted castle to avoid the derision of his peers.

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