"Fable: The Journey is defenitely NOT on rails."

Peter "It's-Not-On-Rails" Molyneux is a self-proclaimed, and BAFTA certified, iconic figure in gaming and a semi-iconic figure of Podtoid, well known for his ambitious promises for his upcoming videogames, only for the game to be released and not contain at least half of what he promises.

He has been known to be the subject of ridicule many times from Jim Sterling.

His next game will be his last. Always. And it will be his only game. And that game will inspire "weal human wuv" that will tug at your hearstrings and make you laugh cry profusely at the death of your in-game spouse (as per an ancient interview with Larry Hyrb on his podcast that is not as good as Podtoid).

The Cycle of AbuseEdit

Phase 1: Molyneux promises awesome features for his last game, also, you WILL be able to love a cat in it.

Phase 2: We believe him, and at the same time, don't believe him, because he's Peter Molyneux.

Phase 3: Game is released and we play it. It's a disappointment, but, you WERE able to love a cat in it.

Phase 4: Molyneux apologises for the game and promises to better himself for the next last game.