Teenage Pokemon Fucking
PodTea'd episode 001
Podtead Episode Header 001
Release date 27 May 2013
Running time 137 minutes
Featuring Jay Solomon
Adam Owen
Elliot Cross
Jesse James
Louie Falls
Vid Cirman
Matthew Turner
Sam Morris
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A Rag Tag Band Of Nazis

PodTea'd 001: Teenage Pokemon Fucking is a PodTea'd episode released on 2013-05-27. It was released before the show was renamed, and is thus reffered to within the show as New BritToid.

It was hosted by Jay Solomon with Adam Owen, Elliot Cross, Jesse James, Louie Falls, Vid Cirman, Matthew Turner and Sam Morris.

Official DescriptionEdit

Across the rolling greens of fair England, a new podcasting team lays their swords at your feet. This is New BritToid, recorded in the hallowed walls of the once great Podcastle.

This week, the crew discusses Pokemon and their suggestive attack names, why the Xbox One is a lump of crap, and two totally original segments: Games of the week, and Movie Ideas For Willem Dafoe. We’ll try to be more original next time, honest.

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