A Rag Tag Band Of Nazis
PodTea'd episode 002
Podtead Episode Header 002
Release date 07 June 2013
Running time 117 minutes
Featuring Jay Solomon
Adam Owen
Jesse James
Mattias Sjöstrand
Vid Cirman
Sam Morris
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PodTea'd 002: A Rag Tag Band Of Nazis is a PodTea'd episode released on 2013-06-07.

It was hosted by Jay Solomon with Jesse James, Adam Owen, Mattias Shoestring, Vid Cirman and Sam Morris. Edited by resident audio-guru Matt Turner, album art by the drawy-man Adam Owen.

Official DescriptionEdit

Evenin’ guvnor! Sorry for the delay on posting this episode, but it was a bit more gappy than usual so took Matt a bit longer to edit, as well as the time it took to find a new name and for Adam to draw the logos. But hey, its all up now and its free and there isn’t any form of advertising whatsoever so… deal with it.

This week we discussed Nazis a whole lot, Sam talked about why he doesn’t like Portal 2 that much, Shoestring has a moral dilemma and we discuss the new movie to grace Danny Dyer’s repertoire. Standard fare for something created by us sort of people.

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