Princess Peach Giving Birth To A Spiky Egg
PodTea'd episode 003
Podtead Episode Header 003
Release date 13 June 2013
Running time 79 minutes
Featuring Jay Solomon
Elliot Cross
Adam Owen
Matt Turner
Louie Falls
Sam Morris
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A Rag Tag Band Of Nazis

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Adam Owen Has The Biggest E-Peen

PodTea'd 003: Princess Peach Giving Birth To A Spiky Egg is a PodTea'd episode released on 2013-06-13.

It was hosted by Jay Solomon with Elliot Cross, Adam Owen, Matt Turner, Louie Falls and Sam Morris. Edited by resident audio-guru Matt Turner, album art by the drawy-man Adam Owen.

Official DescriptionEdit

Hey, ho, lets go. Its E3 week, so why not take a break from the constant news and listen to a podcast recorded before E3, making it hilariously out of date? PodTea’d has got you covered!

This week we ruin your fun by talking about pictures that we won’t link to, deadly slides, the British arcade scene and E3 predictions. We also take the piss out of American pronunciation for quite some time. “Al-oo-min-uhm”. Just wrong.

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