Vaguely New Years Related Bollocks
Podtoid episode 003
Podcastle Episode Header 003
Release date 1 January 2008
Running time 75 minutes
Featuring Jim Sterling
John Kershaw
Lauren Wainwright
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The Podcastle 003: Vaguely New Years Related Bollocks is an episode of The Podcastle released on 2008-01-01.

It was hosted by Jim Sterling, John Kershaw and Lauren Wainwright.

Official DescriptionEdit

Wait, what's with this sequence of events? It's MY birthday, but YOU get the treat! Yes, it's time for another edition of The Podcastle, where we desperately try and tie the show into the whole "New Year" thing that people love so much, even though it's just the passing of hours and utterly meaningless.

Myself, Wardrox and Atheistium had so many questions asked of us that we were able to fill an entire second half answering your various queries that were all somewhat about the "change" from 2007 to 2008. Also, we really, really bullied Wardrox in this one. Like he bloody deserved.

So sit back, pour yourself a glass of sherry, head to our podcast page to listen and whatever you do -- DON'T READ WARDROX'S BLOG!

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