Why it's good to be a European Gamer
Podtoid episode 008
Podcastle Episode Header 008
Release date 20 March 2008
Running time 70 minutes
Featuring Jim Sterling
John Kershaw
Lauren Wainwright
Professor Pew
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The Podcastle 008: Why it's good to be a European Gamer is an episode of The Podcastle released on 2008-03-20.

It was hosted by Jim Sterling, John Kershaw, Lauren Wainwright and Professor Pew.

Official DescriptionEdit

Somehow we managed it, but we've constructed an entire show about how good it is to be a European gamer. Actually, that's a total lie. Wardrox came up with fifteen reasons and we absolutely destroyed them because we are so awesome and really strong and the fastest race car drivers.

Sterling, Wardrox, Atheistium and Professor Pew join up for another slice of stupidity and swearing. Tune in for the following highlights:

  • Atheistium's American adventures!
  • Wardrox's take on Live in all its rubbish glory!
  • Professor Pew's accent!
  • AI in videogames and why it's all a lie!
  • Jim's twisted childhood!
  • Competition winners!
  • Masturbatory pressure points!
  • Hatred against everyone in Europe!

Some of the most twisted logic ever devised to try and not admit that being a Euro gamer is awful!

All this and (sadly) more, coming to a Podcastle near you!

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