The Tales of Podcastleria
Podtoid episode 013
Podcastle Episode Header 013
Release date 28 May 2008
Running time 88 minutes
Featuring Jim Sterling
John Kershaw
Lauren Wainwright
Ugly Phil
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The Podcastle 013: The Tales of Podcastleria is an episode of The Podcastle released on 2008-05-28.

It was hosted by Jim Sterling, John Kershaw, Lauren Wainwright and Ugly Phil.

Official DescriptionEdit

Pip pip, tally ho! The Podcastle crew returns with yet another trip into the diseased bowels of European gaming, discussing the latest news and sharing with you tales of their many adventures. This week the usual team of Jim Sterling, Wardrox and Atheistium are joined by community guest Ugly Phil. We had to cut much of him out though because his recording was sh*t. Boo!

Unlike his recording, however, Phil's above fan art for the Podcastle is absolutely stellar. Good image made! Right you lot, here are the dirty highlights:

  • Wardrox loves it when you spoil games for him
  • PC gamers are pedophiles. CONFIRMED!
  • Bullying community guests is fun
  • Do what with Rock Band?
  • The ever-growing suckiness of the MGS4 Euro PS3 bundle
  • Tax breaks for the games industry. Wardrox eschews his liberal persona to defend the government
  • Wardrox and his PlayStation 3 take love to the next level
  • Jim's Northern PS3 adventure, GRiD, and why Wardrox's friends are c***s
  • Presumptuous N4G posters can be very amusing
  • Alone in the Dark and the Vita Chamber Defense (tm)
  • Koei's card shenanigans at the MCM London Expo
  • The Still Alive honey trap
  • Jim is quite famous these days
  • Sun Tzu asks the most controversial user question in the world, inspires whole future episode
  • Crossbreeding articles and podcasts make for confusing questions
  • One of the most righteous rants you'll ever hear on The Podcastle

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