Does Sonic get blisters?
Podtoid episode 021
Podcastle Episode Header 021
Release date 30 October 2008
Running time 109 minutes
Featuring Jim Sterling
John Kershaw
Lauren Wainwright
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The Podcastle 021: Does Sonic get blisters? is an episode of The Podcastle released on 2008-10-30.

It was hosted by Jim Sterling, John Kershaw and Lauren Wainwright.

Official DescriptionEdit

You might not want to learn the context in which today's headline was said. I'm not sure if the quote is included in the show because I'm in a hurry and it's still downloading, but either way... it's nasty.

We had much to discuss on this episode of The Podcastle, and I'm going to pretend that's the reason why it was so late. It had nothing to do with us sitting around our houses and wanking for the past few days. I guarantee it.

Anyway, this week we talk about what a hardship it is for Lauren to get free videogames, the awfulness that was Tokyo and the REAL reason why Sony recalled LittleBigPlanet. You won't want to miss this episode ... unless you're one of the many people who hate us. Then it might not be recommended so much.

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