God bless Stornoway Black Pudding
Podtoid episode 022
Podcastle Episode Header 022
Release date 13 November 2008
Running time 109 minutes
Featuring Jim Sterling
John Kershaw
Lauren Wainwright
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The Podcastle 022: God bless Stornoway Black Pudding is an episode of The Podcastle released on 2008-11-13.

It was hosted by Jim Sterling, John Kershaw and Lauren Wainwright.

Official DescriptionEdit

This house condemns the lack of Podcastle and moves to suggest that we have more Podcastle on the pages of Furthermore, this house would like to congratulate Jim Sterling, Wardrox and Atheistium for all the work they have put into this distinct example of good old fashioned British engineering, and wish to declare that they will each receive a sample of delicious Stornoway Black Pudding.

Should this house receive more Podcastle, we think highlights should include:

  • Wardrox loves a game CONFIRMED!
  • Taking turns to dump on Dead Space
  • Lauren goes to another "Microsoft Is Awesome" thing
  • EA's Be The One had to happen again
  • Keith Vaz hates games, loves Stornoway black pudding!?
  • Seriously ... black pudding!?
  • Jesus, we can't get over the black pudding
  • Ryan Chinnery is a complete pillock
  • Gears of War 2's casual appeal
  • And the usual questions

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