When dinosaurs fight London phone boxes
Podtoid episode 026
Podcastle Episode Header 026
Release date 14 January 2009
Running time 97 minutes
Featuring Jim Sterling
John Kershaw
Lauren Wainwright
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The Podcastle 026: When dinosaurs fight London phone boxes is an episode of The Podcastle released on 2009-01-14.

It was hosted by Jim Sterling, John Kershaw and Lauren Wainwright.

Official DescriptionEdit

Anybody remember those plastic dinosaur toys from Invicta? They were all one color and incredibly nasty looking, and you could buy them from the Natural History Museum. Well, we don't talk about any of those on the show.

We do instead talk about how awesome it is to play Left 4 Dead with the Dtoid community's Team UK, we chat about how Nintendo is rich, how Microsoft practices sorcery and how Sony has Home. We also spend more time than is necessary being confused by Wardrox's latest dinosaur game.

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