Two little boys and the necropenis swapmeet
Podtoid episode 028
Podcastle Episode Header 028
Release date 11 February 2009
Running time 83 minutes
Featuring Jim Sterling
John Kershaw
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Underage pregnancy is NOT funny!

The Podcastle 028: Two little boys and the necropenis swapmeet is an episode of The Podcastle released on 2009-02-11.

It was hosted by Jim Sterling and John Kershaw.

Official DescriptionEdit

Ladies and gentlemen, lend us your filthy ears for The Podcastle has arrived! This week you are stuck with just Jim Sterling and Wardrox, as our female cast member was off doing girly things like a girl. Don't worry though, the show isn't completely horrible!

In today's vile episode, we discuss our Killzone 2 BIAS with so much BIAS, we recount some classic Left 4 Dead moments, and we have a lengthy discussion about violent corpse porn. Also, we address Pocket Gamer's top ten podcasts, where The Podcastle was voted as the GREATEST THING PEOPLE LISTEN TO IN THE WORLD!

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