Welcome to Podtoid!
Podtoid episode 001
Oldtoid Placeholder
Release date 27th September 2006
Running time 58 minutes
Featuring Robert Summa
Robert 'Sheir' Martinez
Tom 'Fronz' Fronczak
Christina 'Naked Faith' Winterburn
Anthony Burch
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Attack of the Drunk Gamers

Podtoid 001: Welcome To Podtoid! is an Old Podtoid episode released on 2006-09-27. It was the first episode of the first ever Destructoid podcast.

It was hosted by Robert SummaRobert 'Sheir' Martinez, Tom 'Fronz' Fronczak, Christina 'Naked Faith' Winterburn and Anthony Burch.

Official DescriptionEdit

Behold! The Destructoid Podtoid, Destructoid's first ever spontaneous video game talk show featuring our own editors. Our first show is hosted by Robert Summa and stars Sheir, Fronz, Rev Anthony, and Faith Naked on the topics of gaming, the weekend server crash of hell, the new Xbox 360 and other big black preferences, our forum's presidential campaign, football player rapists, and falling in love with Texas (or was that the Butthole Surfers?).

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