Attack of the Drunk Gamers
Podtoid episode 002
Oldtoid Placeholder
Release date 6th October 2006
Running time 68 minutes
Featuring Robert Summa
Niero Gonzalez
Unknown Cast Members
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Podtoid 002: Attack of the Drunk Gamers is an Old Podtoid episode released on 2006-10-06.

It is the first instance of a Drunk Podtoid episode.

Official DescriptionEdit

Through the magic of Satan, Summa has managed to compact a near four hour episode of Podtoid into a 60 minute morsel of audio slavery, no thanks to the evil that is Skype. For the record, Destructoid does not strongly condone the consumption of 40 proof alcoholic beverages while recording a video game radio show, but on occasion it does make for some rather hilarious outbursts at 4 AM. Episode 2 of Destructoid is sponsored by the porn industry and show stars five of our editors: Level Scaling Summa, myself (whom Rob described as being 2 degrees from full-blown Mexican), a Ninja, a Dick, and some guy from Pittsburg. Our user-submitted topics include our views of the next-gen wars, things that suck, a little background on where Destructoid is going, that damn Japanator site, and more. If you're on the east coast start listening at the time of this post, the show should end when it's time to clock out with your cock out -- it's the weekend! Whoot!

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