Sleepy Gamers in Court
Podtoid episode 003
Oldtoid Placeholder
Release date 13th October 2006
Running time  ?? minutes
Featuring Robert Summa
Niero Gonzalez
Joseph Leray
Christina 'Naked Faith' Winterburn
Mike 'Savant' Ferry
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Attack of the Drunk Gamers

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Thompson & Tallarico

Podtoid 003: Sleepy Gamers in Court is an Old Podtoid episode released on 2006-10-13.

It was hosted by Robert SummaNiero Gonzalez, Joseph Leray, Christina 'Naked Faith' Winterburn and Mike 'Savant' Ferry.

Official Description Bored of listening to Podtoid 2: Attack of the Drunk Gamers? Want to hear about current gaming events, upcoming games, the Jack Thompson trial, and Tommy Tallarico's genetelia at 3 am in the morning? Then grab the PodToid Podcast Episode 3!

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