Thompson and Tallarico
Podtoid episode 004
Oldtoid Placeholder
Release date 27th October 2006
Running time 128 minutes
Featuring Robert Summa
Niero Gonzalez
Tom 'Fronz' Fronczak
Christina 'Naked Faith' Winterburn
Tommy Tallarico
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Sleepy Gamers in Court

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Big Blue Beatbox and the Birth of Retoid

Podtoid 004: Thompson and Tallarico is an Old Podtoid episode released on 2006-10-27.

It was hosted by Robert SummaNiero Gonzalez, Tom 'Fronz' Fronczak, Christina 'Naked Faith' Winterburn and Tommy Tallarico.

Official DescriptionEdit

This week on PodToid we had special guest Tommy Tallarico which you know from Electric Playground and his Video Games Live tour. In having him on the podcast, Destructoid stole a sizable slice of this man's sleep -- he recorded the program with us from midnight till about 3am, and can't thank him enough for squeezing us into his insane schedule. Here's the program guide below -- we covered everything from Thompson to a little 80's video game music trivia and are giving away a copy of Brain Age to the first reader that can answer Tommy's trivia question (no timestamp label hint, teehee!).

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