Trannies, Babies and Suckage
Podtoid episode 005
Oldtoid Placeholder
Release date 5th November 2006
Running time 86 minutes
Featuring Robert Summa
Niero Gonzalez
Tom 'Fronz' Fronczak
Christina 'Naked Faith' Winterburn
Earnest 'Nex' Cavalli
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Big Blue Beatbox and the Birth of Retoid

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Attack of the Cheap Gamers

Podtoid 005: Trannies, Babies and Suckage is an Old Podtoid episode released on 2006-11-12.

It was hosted by Robert SummaNiero Gonzalez, Tom 'Fronz' Fronczak, Christina 'Naked Faith' Winterburn and Earnest 'Nex' Cavalli.

Official DescriptionEdit

And we're back with yet another episode of Podtoid Numero Cinco with your host Robert Summa, Faith, Fronz, newcomer Nex, and your server-breaking Dtoid webmaster Niero. Choose your poison: here's the torrent in full 128k mp3 stereo (please help us seed it) or hit the streaming mp3 version from the flash player below. Note the snazzy pop-up player link to take us on the go! Today's podcast was remastered and edited by Dale North and the intro music was created by Ron Workman - thanks so much for the reach around gentlemen! Also coming soon to Destructoid is our second and new episodic podcast for and by members of community. The new show, which we've christened as RETOID, which will give site readers an opportunity come on the shows and discuss gaming news, hot topics, our lovely site, and give the silent (but ever watchful) industry a piece of their mind.

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