Thanksgiving Wii-kend
Podtoid episode 008
Oldtoid Placeholder
Release date 2nd December 2006
Running time 74 minutes
Featuring Robert Summa
Aaron Linde
Christina 'Naked Faith' Winterburn
Earnest 'Nex' Cavalli
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Anticipation of the Wii

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The Inquisition of Geoff

Podtoid 008: Thanksgiving Wii-kend is an Old Podtoid episode released on 2006-12-02.

It was hosted by Robert Summa, Aaron Linde, Christina 'Naked Faith' Winterburn and Earnest 'Nex' Cavalli.

Official DescriptionEdit

What do we do every week, Pinky? Record Podtoid as a means to take over the world! Episode 8 was just loaded to, a special Thanksgiving episode where we discuss the Wii and newcomer Aaron Linde plays devil's advocate as the spirit of Kevin Cassidy against Robert Summa as we discuss the our Thanksgiving Wiikend (or Elksgiving, depending on where you live) Judging by our today's lineup of stories, I think the timing is perfect! Also joining us on the show is Faith, Nex and questions submitted by Lord Satorius, Grim, Gregor, and Wintermute. Other questions not addressed on the show were posted in the comments below. 

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