Bob Hoskins is Watching You F*ck
Podtoid episode 148
Release date 27th April 2010
Running time 144 minutes
Featuring Anthony Burch
Brad Nicholson
Topher Cantler
Adam Dork
Samit Sarkar
Aaron Linde
Jim Sterling
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Robocop killed Clarence Boddicker

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New Podtoid (Episode 149)

Podtoid 148: Bob Hoskins is Watching You F*ck is an Old Podtoid episode released on 2010-04-27. It is the final episode of what is now known as Old Podtoid exactly 3 years and 7 months since it began.

This episode is currently also the final Movie Commentary.

It was hosted by Anthony BurchBrad Nicholson, Topher Cantler, Adam Dork, Aaron LindeJim Sterling and Samit Sarkar.

Official DescriptionEdit

The end, for now.

Podtoid will be going on hiatus for a while. It'll definitely be back -- we're just not sure when, or how, or with whom.

In the meantime, not-download a copy of the Super Mario Bros movie and enjoy.


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