Voldemort's Opium Den
Podtoid episode 159
Release date 19 July, 2011
Running time 2 hours 12 minutes 18 seconds
Season: 6
Featuring Jim Sterling
Jonathan Holmes
Max Scoville
Tara Long
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Podtoid 159: Voldemort's Opium Den is a New Podtoid episode released on 2011-07-19.

The episode was hosted by Jim SterlingJonathan HolmesMax Scoville, & Tara Long.

Official DescriptionEdit

On this week's edition of Podtoid, the crew commissions a remake of Miamia Vice, officially declares that heroin isn't a big deal, and puts Voldemort in charge of an opium den with his good friend, Emperor Palpatine. You really can't get much better than that!

Oh wait, you can! We also discuss John Carmack's assertion that his job isn't to innovate, and whether or not we truly despise the Nintendo 3DS. All this and much, much more are covered in a little over two hours of pure, unfettered drivel from Destructoid's motley crew of abnormal wastrels. (Link to Dtoid Post)