Thirst World Problems
Podtoid episode 170
Release date 4 October, 2011
Running time 130 minutes
Season: 6
Featuring Jim Sterling
Jonathan Holmes
Max Scoville
Tara Long
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Why Did I Say I'd Burn The Constitution?

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Tara Long Is A Hermaphrodite

Podtoid 170: Thirst World Problems is a New Podtoid episode released on 2011-10-04.

It was hosted by Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes, Max Scoville and Tara Long.

Official DescriptionEdit

Podtoid is back on form with an episode full of offensive fun. This week, we discuss the "Camal" toe (whatever that is), what it would be like if Bob Geldof was an Android phone charger, and take a look at the filmography of that purveyor of fine movies, The Asylum. Also, we get into a deep, totally rational discussion about people who say "First World Problems" and think they are funny.

On the game front, we discuss RAGE's silly name, we beat on that old "Online Pass" drum, and we talk about some of the negative aspects on doing one of the best jobs in the world. All that and more will rock your ears! (Link to Dtoid Post)


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