Plague Dogs
Podtoid episode 177
Release date 22 November, 2011
Running time 89 minutes
Season: 6
Featuring Jim Sterling
Jonathan Holmes
Max Scoville
Tara Long
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Podtoid 176: Plague Dogs is a New Podtoid episode released on 2011-11-22.

It was hosted by Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes, Max Scoville and Tara Long.

Official DescriptionEdit

On this week's edition of Podtoid, the gang discusses 3D movies, the greatness of Rutger "The Rut" Hauer, and the difficulty Max would have if he was a woman. We also chat about Plague Dogs, attempt to impress Jon Stewart with satire, and get all political while talking about SOPA.

Elsewhere, Serious Sam 3: BFE becomes a topic of discussion while the state of platform games is a hot issue. Oh, and Jonathan Holmes may perform the most racist act Podtoid has ever seen ... which is pretty exceptional! (Link to Dtoid Post)


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