A Bat With A Bra
Podtoid episode 178
Release date 29 November, 2011
Running time 120 minutes
Season: 6
Featuring Jim Sterling
Jonathan Holmes
Max Scoville
Tara Long
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Podtoid 178: A Bat With A Bra is a New Podtoid episode released on 2011-11-29.

It was hosted by Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes, Max Scoville and Tara Long.

Official DescriptionEdit

On this week's edition of Podtoid, we talk about the latest bit of review drama, as well as return to yet more Skyrim chatter. There's also a rather nice little discussion on why the Wii would have been the very best HD console on the market, and why the games we typically think of as representing HD aren't doing a good job of it.

Don't worry though, it's not all game talk. We learn about psychotic countertransference in a terrible new segment, we find out about Jonathan Holmes' new musical project, we find out that a guru is selling handwritten books alongside lotion, and we get sexy with cartoon bats. Also, poor Max Scoville is feeling quite sick, so wish him well! (Link to Dtoid Post)


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