Dick Pixels (With Danny Baranowsky)
Podtoid episode 194
Release date 20 March, 2012
Running time 147 minutes
Featuring Jim Sterling
Jonathan Holmes
Danny Baranowsky
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Podtoid 194: Dick Pixels (With Danny Baranowsky) is a New Podtoid episode released on 20 March 2012.

It was hosted by Jim Sterling and Jonathan Holmes with special guest Danny Baranowsky.

Official DescriptionEdit

This week, the derptastic duo is joined by none other than videogame music man Danny Baranowsky. We discuss his work on Hunger Games, the controversy surrounding The Binding of Isaac, and Danny's history as a composer. It also turns out that this tunesmith is more than capable of getting involved with Podtoid's less ... savory ... discussions.

From atheism to Bill Cosby to sexual deviance and drug intake, there's plenty of ridiculous chatter on offer. It's pretty good stuff, even if Danny is certain his family can never, ever, hear this recording. (Link to Dtoid Post)