Assassinate These Key Bears
Special Podtoid episode
Release date 7 May, 2012
Running time 75 minutes
Featuring Anthony Burch
Jim Sterling
Aaron Linde
Topher Cantler
Brad Nicholson
Samit Sarkar
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Podtoid 200 Retro Gaiden: Assassinate These Key Bears is a special New Podtoid episode released on 7 May 2012.

It was hosted by Anthony Burch, Jim Sterling, Aaron Linde, Topher Cantler, Brad Nicholson and Samit Sarkar.

Official descriptionEdit

For one night only (or every night if you just listen to this every time you go to sleep), Podtoid reunites Anthony Burch, Aaron Linde, Topher Cantler, Brad Nicholson, Jim Sterling, and SHUT UP SAMIT! The Podtoid cast of generations past are back for a special Retro Gaiden edition of Podtoid. How exciting!

On the show, we talk about videogames, which is such a novelty these days. Witcher 2, Minecraft, Assassin's Creed, and Battlefield 3 are put through their paces, because we only talk about the most modern and current titles on this show. Also, the crew relives its favorite Podtoid moments, and makes so much fun of Samit. So much fun. (Link to Dtoid Post)