Doctor Genital
Podtoid episode 211
Release date 24 July, 2012
Running time 129 minutes
Featuring Jim Sterling
Jonathan Holmes
Conrad Zimmerman
Hamza Aziz
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Previous episode
I'm Nightwing & I'm Gonna Sex You With My Penis

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A Naked Dying Man

Podtoid 211: Doctor Genital is a New Podtoid episode released on 2012-07-24.

It was hosted by Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes, Conrad Zimmerman and Hamza Aziz.

Official DescriptionEdit

On this week's Podtoid, the gang manages to have a rather spoiler-free discussion of The Dark Knight Rises, a plan is hatched to turn Jonathan Holmes into a real-life Bane, and a nefarious new supervillain stalks the hospitals of Boston. He's got his eyes on the prize, and a scalpel on your balls.

Elsewhere, we chat about Fatal Frame, Russel Crowe's secret appearance in Dead Space 3, and whether or not licking a butt can ever be a good idea. All this and more, only on Podtoid! (Link to Dtoid Post)


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